Monday, October 25, 2010

Michael Wesch video: Today's Students

I have recently discovered the fascinating work of Michael Wesch, an anthropologist at Kansas State University, who examines social networking and media. I am particularly interested in how contemporary undergraduate students, in particular, learn and how we can adapt our classroom teaching to best reach them. I am hoping those of you involved or interested in the panel on classroom connections will take a look at this five minute YouTube clip graphically describing today's students. Do you use You Tube in your classroom? DO your students contribute to a class blog? Do you assign Tweets? How do your students respond to your efforts? --Julie Walsh Kroeker

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  1. The clip is an excellent illustration of widening the gap between most of our teaching practices and the way that students actually communicate with each other and acquire information about the world. Yes, it would be good to hear from Pac studies or other instructors who do things differently. What are the principles that should guide a new pedagogy, and what are some ways of putting those principles into practice?



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